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12 places you must visit in Spain

Spain is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the whole of Europe. Many visitors  however  tend  to have  a  limited knowledge of  the  various places  that they can visit while in this  beautiful  country full of  amazing  beaches, festivals and tasty foods. Here is a list of the 12 best places   in Spain to travel.

Santiago de Compostela– It is most known for a  traditional Christian pilgrimage referred to the as Camino de Santiago, With  most  Christians believing it  to be  the  final resting  place of  James  the  disciple  of  Jesus.

Toledo– Sometimes it is referred to as the city of three cultures due to the fact that it was first inhabited by Muslims, Jews and Christians. It is home to a variety of   breath taking buildings and ancient art that goes back to the time of the Roman Empire.

Cordoba– The main jewel here is the Mezquita which was intended to be a mosque but was later transformed into a church. Visitors  can  also  enjoy the  scenic  and  breath taking view of  the  famous street of  flowers.

San Sebastian– Is home to the most scenic   and mind bowing beaches that flock with tourists every year. The food here is exquisite and traditional. Tourists can water ski and sunbath at the famous Playa de la Concha.

Valencia– The  city of  art and  science  will blow  you  mind  away  with its  complexity  with  an aquarium, museum and a planetarium all being hosted in this magnificent  landmark. Fun lovers can attend the Fallas Festival which is held in this city every march.

Seville– Is always packed with an exuberant nightlife and fun festivals. The grand Cathedral of Seville is mostly visited as it is believed to the final resting place of the famous Christopher Columbus.

Madrid– The  royal  palace  at the  center of  the city  is the  official residence  of  the  Spanish king and queen. The  city  will  give one  an  amazing night experience and tourists  can explore the San Miguel Market,  one  of  the liveliest markets in the  whole of  Europe.

Spanish Island– Those  who love a life of  partying  can  visit Ibiza which is  one  of  the many Spanish Island and  those who would  prefer  to  have a relaxing  day a t the beach can visit  the  canaries and  experience its magical  beaches .

Granada– The star attraction here is the Alhambra, a very valuable Moorish stronghold in the whole of Europe. Tourists flock here to experience the magical Lush gardens and the medieval array of architecture.

Vejer Costa– Beach loving tourists can enjoy the lovely   sandy beaches and one of the best places to surf. Food lovers have a wide array of delicacies to choose from ranging tuna and Retinto beef.

Palamós– Here, tourists get one of the most extravagant seafood scenes in the whole of Spain. Food lovers can enjoy the very many cuisines such as Palamós red prawns and the Taverna El Galeo. Aquatic lovers can enjoy and have a good time by engaging in scuba diving, windsurfing and sailing.


Barcelona–  is  one  of  Europe’s  most  famous  one stop shop, tourists  can shop for  various  items  in the many  luxurious  shops. The  people  here are  friendly and  offer  visitors  a chance  to  experience  their  rich  culture and a mind blowing nightlife. The city has remarkable beaches such as the Barceloneta.

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