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12 places to visit in Ireland

Despite  being a  small island  nation, the  people  here  have  a big heart  that  welcome every  visitor with open  arms. The country is home to a variety of beautiful sites such as museums and old castles. Every visitor is guaranteed of a time of their lives on visiting this small island nation. Here is a list of 12 best places in Ireland to travel.

Galway-It is  famous  for  having the  best shops where shopping lovers can engage  in shopping sprees and also  for  its many art  galleries  and  exhibitions . Those  who  would  want  to  witness  the speaking  of the  Irish  language  this  is  the  place  to be.

Aran Island– Brings  the  country’s  past back to  life  due  to the  fact  that  it is  isolated from the main land and  people  here  have  held on to the  traditional  ways  of life therefore  provides  visitors with a vivid image of  how  Irish people lived in the  past.

Dingle  Peninsula-It is home  to more  than 500 monastic  huts and  prehistoric  stone markers  that  attract  history lovers  from all walks  of life . The  beautiful  beaches  offer  tourists  wi6h a wide range  of  activities  to engage  in such  as  surfing .

Glendalough-A monastery  founded  by  St. Kevin and a  one-time  pilgrimage destination hosts  the  round  tower that  attracts visitors from all over the  world as it is  believed that  was used as  a fortress to caution  the Irish from   Viking  attacks.

Dublin– It is  home  to the  Trinity  college that  hosts  the  Book of Kells which  art  and  literature lovers cannot  afford  to  miss seeing. The pubs in Temple bar and the Guinness Storehouse offer ravers with an exciting drinking spree and experience

Giant Causeway– Its cliff –top provides visitors with a breath taking view of the rocks. These rocks are beautifully shaped into hexagonal columns that are quite interesting to look at.

Killarney National Park– Has a very expansive and mind blowing gardens that attract a wide range of visitors. The  park  boasts  of  three lakes  that full of  swans and otters and  bird  watchers  can visit  the  park  for an  unforgettable experience.

Bru na Boinne– The  main  attractions  here are  the three excavated Bru na Boinne  burial  mounds that  catch  the   attention of tourist. Of the three mounds namely, Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, the first is the most eye-catching of the three.

Ring of Kerry-The ring  provides visitors  taking  a drive  along it  with a scenic  view  of Carrantuohill, Irelands  most  tallest  mountain and  the Staigue Fort which is unique  due  to its stone walls  that are  made without  mortar.

Cliff of Moher– Gives  visitors  a mind  blowing  scenic  view  of  the  Atlantic ocean horizon while on top of  these cliffs with some  tourists opting to  view the  cliffs  from a  boat  tour from the  Doolin pier.

Cork– The  Shandon  tower  offers  visitors  with an amazing  view for  those  who  are  brave  enough  to  climb it. Art  lovers  can visit  the  Crawford Art Gallery  and explore  the various  works  of arts mostly  famous  paintings  by Irish  painters, with St. Patrick’s  street  offering  a great shopping experience  to tourists  who do make  a point  of  shopping  from the  many shops here.

Waterford– It is  home  to  the  Waterford museum that   history lovers can visit  and  explore  the  very many archeological  finds that the  museum holds. Visitors can  spend  some quality  time at  the  People’s park  that and if they are lucky  get to  experience  a live  concert  at  the  park as most concerts are held  here.

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