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12 places to visit in Greece

Greece is one of the  most  historical and  cultural rich nations  in the  whole  of  Europe  mostly regarded as the  birth place  of  western civilization and  modern  democracy. It offers   tourists with an amazing experience a s they get to explore the various archeological ruins, island beaches and delicious cuisines. Below is a list of 12 best places in Greece to travel.

Athens– Popularly  referred to as the   cradle of  democracy, The  city  is  home  to the  famous Acropolis, Theater of Dionysos and Parthenon  archeological ruins  that are attract  a huge  number of  tourist  following ever year.


Delphi– The  most famous archeological  site  in the  whole of  Greece, it was once believed to  be  the  center of  the earth by  the  ancient  Greeks. History lovers will enjoy looking around the various   archeological sites present here.


Corfu Town-Is one of the most visited island destinations in Greece and is recognized as an UNESCO world heritage site. Visitors can come and explore that various breath taking architectures of Italian   descent. Those who love sailing can feel at home as they can sail by boats to the Saranda and Butrint.


Zagori-It is  home  to  two national  parks where  nature lovers  can  visit  and  have a relaxing  and  fun time. The  view here  is  always  mesmerizing   with rivers and  well-crafted  traditional  villages that  go back  to 18th  century. Hike lovers can visit the Vikos Gorge for an   amazing hike experience.

Cape Sounion– I t is  home  to  the Poseidon, an old  Greek temple  named  after  the  Greek  god  of  the  sea. Visitors  come  here to enjoy  the  scenic  view  of  the Aegean  sea from the  top of  the  ruins.

Thessalonki– Is known for its numerous and fantastic festivals that culminate to the one mind blowing night.  Art  and  history  lovers  can  visit  the  various  art   galleries  and  museums and  explore  a  wide  range  of artworks.

Halkidiki– Has  one  of  the  most  fabulous beaches  that are  best  known  for  hosting   a  wide  array  beach sports. Made  up  of  three peninsulas  namely  Kassandra, Sithonia  and Athos with  one each  special  for  its  beautiful beaches, monks  and  beautiful  coves respectively.

Peloponnese– It is  the  custodian of  a great  deal of   historical and  cultural wealth and is  home  to the famous  Olympia best  known  as  the  place  Olympic  games  were  held in honor  of  the  Greek god Zeus.

Meteora– It is   home  to a magnificent  range  of  cliffs  the=at  appear  to be  suspended in the air rising  to more  than 1,200 fee. Visitors come  here  for  activities such  as hiking  and  site  seeing especially  the  various monasteries  built  along these cliffs.

Crete– Is the largest island in Greece. It provides visitors with amazing scenery of lovely coastlines and beautiful range of mountains. Tourists will love the tasty coffee here from the many coffee shops in the island.


Greek Islands– Is one of the top travel destinations in the world and contains more than 2,000 Islands. Tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, ancient monuments and amazing harbors.

Rhodes Town– it is listed as one of the top tourist destinations in Greece by UNESCO. Visitors can enjoy the long walks within the old town as it is a car free zone. One  can explore  the  various historical monuments ranging  from  towers and  gates built  by the  famous  St. John knights after they  took over the  island in the 14th  century.


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