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12 cities you must visit in China

China is one of the most beautiful and cultural rich countries in the   whole of Asia. Most people  know it as the  home  of  kung-Fu, however   this  country is  more  things  to offer  apart from  this type  of  ancient  martial art. It is full of breathtaking landscapes, foods and a great wealth of history.  Here is a list of 12 best places to travel in China.

Beijing–  This is the  place  to be  for those  who  seek to have  a  better  understanding of   china. Visitors  can  experience  the  magic of  the  famous  forbidden city ,the great wall of  china  and the local  culture  by  visiting the hutongs.

Shanghai– It  is  a shopping  haven  to those who  love and  enjoy shopping as  it has  numerous  luxurious  shops and  shopping  malls. The   bund  exposes   tourists  to  a  wide  range  of  western taste  through its  colonial time  buildings. Those who prefer a relaxing day can visit the Huangpu River and enjoy the beautiful view.

Xian– This  is  the  mother of Chinese  civilization  and  home  to the  famous  silk road. History lovers  can   visit the  Terracotta Army Museum and  have  an  in depth  understanding of  the  once  powerful  Quin Dynasty.

Guilin– Is a very peaceful and relaxing city. Due  to her  breath taking  natural  features  such as  beautiful and green hill, visitors  can take  advantage   and  engage in  activities  like   hiking  and   boat  riding  along the  Li  River.


Chengdu-It is  famous  for  its  cute   Pandas and  ids  home to  the  Dujiangyan  panda  base  where  animal and panda  lovers  can  get into  contact  with  this  animals and  take   amazing pictures while holding them.

Hong kong– It  provides  visitors with a memorable  shopping  experience  being  home  to  one  of  the  best  and  luxurious  shopping  malls  in the whole  of  Asia. The night life here is second to none with its skyline offering a beautiful display of colors. Visitors can enjoy the amazing scenery of the city while taking a cruise o in the harbor.

Tibet-It is the  home  of  Tibetan Buddhism, and hosts  the Potala Palace  a holly  and  sacred  site  according  to the Tibetan Buddhism. Tourists and pilgrims flock to the famous Jokhang temple each and every day.

Guangzhou– Being the  permanent  host of the   famous  Canton   fair, visitors  with  interests  in   business and  investment  get to  mingle  and  associate  with other likeminded individual at this trade fair, the  largest in the whole of  China. Cruise  lovers  can  indulge  in a   night cruise  on the  Pear river for  a mind blowing  experience.

Hangzhou– Technology  and  science  enthusiasts  will fall in love  with city  as it has a concrete information technology  base and hosts  the  HQ of  a large  number of  online  shopping organization.

Sanya– Tourist  running away from the   noisy and  crowed lives in the  city will  surely  love the  experience  of  fresh air  and  amazing  beaches  here. Visitors can try out and enjoy various activities such as diving, surfing, jet skiing and sunbathing.

Shenzen– Home  to  popular  shopping hotspots such as the Luohu Commercial City were tourists  seeking a  great  shopping experience  can  get tailor made cloths and bags. Art   lovers  can  visit  the He Xiangning art museum and  explore  the various  masterpieces  done by   both  Chinese and  international  artists.

Shenyang– Tourists flock here to view the Zhaoling tomb, the burial place of the   various Emperors that that served in the Qing dynasty. It  host  a number of  ski  resorts  where lovers  of the  sport  can   go  and  have  a good  time. Nature   and bird lovers can   visit the Birds Island and have an unforgettable bird viewing experience.

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