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12 cities to visit in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. This is due to the rich cultural and history that it holds. It is most loved for its unique building architecture, amazing cuisines and one of the most welcoming people you can ever encounter. For  those  who  have  Germany  as their  travel  destinations, here  is  a list  of the 12 best places in Germany to travel.

Leipzig– It  is  home  to  legendary  musicians like Bach who  music  can enjoyed  by  tourists  at the St. Thomas church, the  final  resting  place  of  this  legend. History lovers  can  amuse  themselves  by  exploring  the old  town hall. It  is  home  to architectural  marvels  such as the Reichsgericht which  was once  used  as a  high  court by the Reich

Munich-The third largest city in Germany, Munich is best known for river   surfing. The Munich’s annual Oktoberfest celebration attracts a huge number of tourists every year. The city  is  home  to  several  magnificent churches  such as  the Frauenkirche and  St. Peter’s Cathedral . Art lovers can visit the  variety of  art galleries  that the city  hosts such as the  German and Brandhorst museums.

Cologne – The over 2000 year’s old city offers visitors with a scenic view of the Rhine River especially from a cable car. Of interest also is the Imhoff-Schokoladen a museum solely dedicated to archiving chocolate “history”

Hamburg– The major port city in Germany, Hamburg’s waterside hotels provide visitors with a scenic view of the North Sea. With exquisite bars and restaurants that bring every night to life, food enthusiasts will surely be taken by the various cuisines offered here; from the ocean fresh seafood and dishes like the famed aalsuppe. Art and theatre lovers can visit the Hamburgische Staatsopper, the Hamburg State Opera, or the Hamburg Ballet theatre.

Berlin – The capital city of Germany, Berlin hosts a number of interesting sites to for travelers to visit. While in Berlin, one can check out the Brandenburg gate which signifies the reunification of west and East Germany. One can also visit the museum island and he Holocaust Memorial.

Dresden- for the Opera lovers, the Semperoper Opera House is the first stop while in Dresden. Art and jewelry enthusiasts must include Neues Grunes Gewolbe and the Albertinum Museum in their to-do list as it provides an amazing exhibition of the early 1500s art and jewelry and modern fine arts respectively.

Frankfurt-It is home to the Romerberg, a famous square that is used to hold yearly Christmas markets which can be fun to many tourists. It is also a shopping haven as shopping lovers can visit the zeil and enjoy the many stores in this street.

Bremen– It hosts a famous Roland statue that stands to represent trade. Tourists  with  interests in trade  will love  this  city as it is  has a  large  market square and its  reputation  in  maritime  trade presides it. History and art lover will enjoy the many exhibitions of African and Asian artifacts at the Ubersee Museum.

Stuttgart– The famous car brands, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche have their HQ located here. Enthusiasts  of  cars  from these two manufactures can  visit  their museums and  explore  the  different  car models  under one roof. Nature and animal lovers can visit and explore the Wilhelma, a combination of botanical gardens and a zoo.

Dortmund– It is home to the Westfalen stadium that hosts the famous Borussia football  club. Tourists  can  spend  quality and  relaxing  time  at the  Romberg park enjoying the  fresh and  cool breeze provided by the  many  trees in the park.

Hanover– It is best known for the CeBIT an annual trade fair held in this city. Art lovers can visit the German museum of Caricature and drawings and explore the many works of the famous Wilhelm Busch.

Mainz– It host  the  Gutenberg museum where  tourists came  to see and  experience  firs  hand  the many  exhibitions  of the person who first  invented  the printing press, these  exhibitions  include  2 of  his bibles. Visitors   can come and enjoy the scenic view of the Rhine River.

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