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The 12 best places you must visit in Italy

Italy is one country where fashion, elegant architecture and remarkable cuisines are held in high esteem. For any traveller this country is one of the must go-to places. It is the only country in the whole world with the most number of world heritage sites. As a result once id guaranteed of a fun and excitement filled tour. Below are some of the 12 places in Italy to travel to.




Rome– This magnificent city is home to the famous Colosseums that the ancient roman gladiators used to fight for entertainment. Most tourist flock in to   explore the holy city of the Vatican. Visitors are guaranteed of a breathtaking nightlife and dining experience.

San Gimignano– It is best known for its unique architecture with a very beautiful skyline consisting of 14 stone towers that gives the city a divine look.

Siena– Is home to the 13th-century main square and the Civic Museum. Tourists can attend the bareback horse race that is held twice every year. Hike  lovers  can  engage  in the  climbing  of  the   more  than 500  step  civic palace and  enjoy  a scenic view of the  city  and its  surrounding environs.

Lecce– Hosts the Church of the Holy Cross, one of the most valuable churches in the whole of Italy and an ancient castle dating back to the 16th century. Night time while at Lecce excludes vibrancy and life with a wide range of delicious dishes such as the orecchiette pasta.

Venice-is one of the most   beautiful and romantic cities in Italy and is built on water at the center of a lagoon. It is  home  to  famous  land  marks  such as the Saint Mark’s Basilica and  galleries like  the Gallerie dell’Accademia that art lovers  can explore.

Verona-Is commonly referred to as the Romeo and Juliet town and hosts a major top opera festival. History lovers can visit the various castle remains and have an in-depth understanding of the ancient roman society.

Bologna-This is  the  food  capital of Italy and  food lover and  critics can  come in  and  enjoy  the  wide array of  delicious foods. Being a very walkable city, people who love taking walks can find a safe haven here. The two towers of the Cathedral Petronius offers tourist with a scenic view of the whole city.

Lucca-The Renaissance-era fortificatied walls provide bike lovers with biking paths. Tourists  can explore  and  enjoy the  various  ancient  cathedrals and  architecture that  show  case a various number of  magnificent gardens  and villas.

Pompeii– The  most toured destination in Italy due  to the  its  fame of being  buried by volcanic ash close  to 1,700 years ago following the volcanic  eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Visitors get a close up look of ancient roman lifestyle through the remains of ancient bakeries, amphitheaters and even brothels.

Herculaneum– Home to the Ruins of Herculaneum, it provides  tourists  with a  great deal of  exposure and  archaeological finds having  being submerged  in mud following an earthquake in 16AD.Tourists  can see the skeletons of  the victims well preserved  together with their furniture  and cloths.

Florence-Is home to the Accademia Gallery that houses the various works of Michelangelo, an all-time ancient genius. Tourists flock the city to see the marble statue of David that stands 13 feet tall and climb the hills to San Miniato al Monte to a great view of the city of Florence.

Menaggio– Offers a wide range of  relaxing  activities  such as  walks , strolls, biking and hikes  for  tourist  who are  looking for nothing  but  a place to witness the  natural beauty that Italy has to offer. Most tourists who come here love taking boat rides on the lake and have a scenic view of the breathtaking villas.

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